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What to Do When Your Lease Ends

Lease End Options in Houston at jeff Haas mazda


All good things come to an end, and the same is true of the Mazda you leased from us at Jeff Haas Mazda in Houston, TX. Luckily, with the end of your Mazda lease comes several options and opportunities for what comes next, which we’ll explain to you below for drivers in Tomball, Sugar Land, and beyond.



We will first discuss the option of returning your leased Mazda. This may be due to wear and tear on the vehicle, your interest in upgrading to the latest model, or simply wanting a change. If you are considering this option, we recommend contacting us at least 60 days in advance to schedule an appointment for a complimentary pre-inspection.

The pre-inspection is important as it helps evaluate the condition of your vehicle before the lease turn-in process, giving you an idea of any potential lease-end charges. This inspection is quick, and you will receive an online report within 24 hours. It is crucial to undergo this inspection as failing to do so may result in not having the opportunity to make repairs before returning your Mazda, potentially leading to additional charges at our Houston dealership. For more information on the pre-inspection process and turning in your leased Mazda, please visit our website.



If you’d like to purchase your Mazda, please and we’ll let you know about your purchase options at the end of your lease. There are several plans for payoff and purchase that we can offer and are happy to discuss.***



As you enter the final 180 days of your Mazda’s lease, please reach out and contact us. We’ll be able to explain in detail your options for extending your lease as well as options that come with the end of the extension at a further date.









*If you decide to schedule a pre-inspection, it must be completed by the 15th day prior to your maturity date. Pre-inspections expire after 60 days. Please call us if you have an expired pre-inspection and we’ll explain the next steps.
**You may have purchased an optional product(s) to cover costs associated with repairing the vehicle and to reduce or avoid end of term charges. If so, please carefully review the benefi­ts and exclusions of any optional products you purchased.
***Subject to eligibility; see your Lease Agreement for additional charges incurred if your vehicle is not returned by your maturity date